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Auction MODERN JAPANESE PRINTS - 1361 - ending in 1 day, 4 hours, 45 minutes and 30 seconds.

Modern Japanese Prints - 1361 - open

Moon Shadow - Tsukikage by Joshua Rome born 1953
Moon Shadow - Tsukikage by Joshua Rome born 1953 - Auction - Modern Japanese Prints - 1361
Auction - Modern Japanese Prints - 1361
From 1945 to Contemporary
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Modern Japanese Prints - 1361From 1945 to Contemporary  View short biography of featured artist.  Read article: Biography of Hideo Takeda.  View video. open

Start    Sunday, November 22, 2015 8:00:01 PM
End    Thursday, November 26, 2015 8:00:00 PM

This is one of the best collections of modern Japanese prints after 1945 that we have offered for quite some time. Please feel encouraged to research the artists presented in this auction. By clicking on the little butterfly icon next to an artist name you are taken to a link of interest - a Wikipedia article, a museum collection, a collector site or a gallery. Try it. Featured Items:

(1) The fantastic designs from the very popular series, "Genpei" (The Battle of the Heike and the Minamoto Clans) by Masao TAKEDA. The series is in the permanent collection of the British Museum.
(2) "The Tale of Genji" Vol. 6. The coveted and rarely seen whole album set by the contemporary mezzotint master Kaoru SAITO.
(3) Three prints by the another Japanese mezzotint master Ryo ARAI. His name has not been widely recognized outside of Japan, nonetheless, his elegant and enigmatic works are highly praised in Japan.

And as a background entertainment to Hideo Takeda's print with a Genpei subject, you find a short scene from a famous Japanese film by Akira Kurosawa attached to the auction event.

Enjoy the auction.

Dieter and Yorie

Biography of Hideo Takeda. | Auction Catalog

Modern Japanese Prints - 1361OPEN

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Hideo Takeda born 1948Featured Artist  32 sold items for Hideo Takeda in our archive.  View short biography of Hideo Takeda.  Read article: Prints by Hideo Takeda  Hideo Takeda - Lavenberg Collection.  Google for Hideo Takeda.  Search BING for Hideo Takeda.
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Hideo Takeda was born in Osaka. In 1973 he graduated from Tama University of Fine Arts in Tokyo with an M.A in sculpture. The artist considers himself more of a cartoonist. In the International art scene, Hideo Takeda is probably the best recognized contemporary Japanese artist. The artist uses a large variety of different styles. He described himself, 'It is my belief that having no specific style is my own style". He received "Bungei Shunjuu" prize for his manga in 1976. In 1992, he had the first manga solo-show in the British Museum.

Catalog for Hideo Takeda

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