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Modern Japanese Prints - 1439

Friendly Garden - Plum by Toshi Yoshida 1911-1995

Friendly Garden - Plum by Toshi Yoshida 1911-1995

Modern Japanese Prints - 1439 - open  View short biography of featured artist.  Read article: Biography Sadao Watanabe.  View video.   Event has featured items.

The period of art printmaking in Japan after the Pacific war is characterized by an opening towards the rest of the world. In this the Japanese artists were pretty successful and soon dominated international print exhibitions. And although Western printmaking techniques like etching, mezzotint or silkscreen printing were now used by Japan's young artist generation, the majority still works in the traditional woodblock printmaking technique that has made Japanese arts famous all over the world.

Featured Items:
•  Item # 67440 - Tadashige Ono 1909-1990

If you are the winner for one of these featured items you pay no commission on your final invoice - including all your other wins at auction end.

Featured Artists:
Masayuki Miyata, Shigeru Hatsuyama, Tadashige Ono, Sadao Watanabe, Roko Hirayama, Clifton Karhu, Toshi Yoshida, Tomoyo Jinbo, and others.

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Toshi Yoshida 1911-1995  279 sold items for Toshi Yoshida in our archive.  View short biography of Toshi Yoshida.  Read article: Toshi Yoshida  Read article: Mount Fuji on Woodblock Prints by Toshi Yoshida  View video.   Toshi Yoshida - Lavenberg Collection.  Signatures by this artist.  Google for Toshi Yoshida.  Search BING for Toshi Yoshida.

Toshi Yoshida was the eldest son of Hiroshi Yoshida. Like his father he undertook extensive travels all over the world. His trips took him to the U.S.A., Canada, India, Africa, Australia and even to the Antarctica. Most of his print subjects are focused on landscapes or animals depicted in a realistic style. After the death of his father Hiroshi Yoshida, he even experimented in abstract art for a while but returned to realistic landscape prints.

Hanga and some Abstract Art.

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